Advantages of Turkish Business

Creating a new business in Turkey is a topic that still makes the main topic of many conversations…Today we’ll share with you the most significant advantages of starting a business in Turkey based on our experiences.

1- Simplicity of doing business

In Turkey, a civil servants’ structure has been working clearly and harmoniously for a long time. Therefore, obtaining permits, licenses, certification of goods, filing reports is going on quickly and without any particular difficulties.

2- Fewer risks, stability, and predictability.

As when a foreigner is starting a business in Turkey, he gets the same rights, benefits, and subsidies as his Turkish colleagues.

3- Turkish government is sensitive to foreign investments.

Many state programs have been developed for the progress of small and medium-sized businesses. These programs can be used only by enterprises with local or foreign capital.

4- Great Location

Proximity to most of the post-Soviet republics, and historical economic ties with most of CIS countries.

5- A constant development of government programs of supporting private business

The Turkish Government is performing constant efforts and harmonized many laws and regulations to support private business.

The Turkish government is encouraging both local and foreign investors by reducing investment-related costs and creating a more investor-friendly environment.

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