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Buying Process

Guide to Turkish Citizenship winnig by means of Investing in Property

Choose your best matching Property with your InvestTurkey consultant.

Reserve it by signing a Reservation Form and paying a Fee in accordance with it.

If you are in a position of travelling to Turkey then:

Inspect the property
Sign a Sales Agreement
Obtain a Turkish Tax Number
Have your Bank Account open
Accomplish your Tax Exemption formalities in a Tax Office and Migration Directorate
It is stated obligatory to present any utility bill (Eg.water or gas) issued under your name in the country of your permanent residence
Get a report verifying the 250 000 USD worth (in TRY) of your property from a Certified Appraisal Expert.
Once the Sales Agreement is signed by both Parties make a payment according to the agreed terms
Request a stamped and signed receipt confirming a payment of 250 000 USD or its equivalent in TRY to the Developer/Seller from your Bank
Upon receiving of a Tax Exemption Letter within two days launch your Title Deed handovering process.
Be present at the Land Registry on the specified to you day and time to sign the deal. Obtain your Title Deed Certficate

If you are in a position of finalizing the deal remotely:
Draw up official Power of Attorney with a photo of yours at the Public Notary in the country of your Residence , the sample of the authorisation will be provided by our Lawyer.
Once validated by a Turkish Consulate in your country and posted to us via a courier service, that Document will suffice to have all the above mentioned be fulfiled on your behalf by our Lawyer.

Having the Deed registered and upon the formation of a standard Document Package from your country, a Turkish Citizenship acquisition process can be incontinently started.

InvestTurkey secures each stage of the process by coordinating it in confirmity with the amending legislation of the Country

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