Clients’ Case: Millions of Euros Into Rubbish

We bought villas which turned out to be rubbish … This does sound terrifying, doesn’t it? I think this is the story to be told.

The story began in April 2018.

I received a call from a person who was desperate and had been seeking for a long time to resolve an issue with his villas in Antalya region.

We agreed with him to get in touch via WhatsApp and evaluate the documents that he had and then transfer his case to an expert in Antalya

During the day I received that minimum of documents that he had been holding for the villas and upon studying them I was pleasantly surprised!  I recognized the compound with which I had worked in 2009-2010 which was a great advantage, of course.

During a call with him, I explained that his villas were not in the city of Antalya, but in Kalkan (though, it’s a province of Antalya still) which was among the regions we can deal with efficiently.

Analyzing the documents, it turned out that a ‼️demolition order ‼️for his villas had already been issued by local authorities as they were built not in compliance with the regulations.

The main ownership rights document could not be received for 10 years ‼️ (Title Deed), although the properties were purchased 10 years ago.

The owner could not get registration of Title Deed from a seller.

Another issue was that the management company did not regularly pay the rental income to the owner, although the 3 units were in his possession: the first one was separate in the town and other two were on the coast with brilliant seaside area and an orchard.

The houses very popular with especially British tourists and generated significant income during the summer season.

Thus, we began to unravel this ball missing documents and unclear events and it turned out…

So, the tangle from the documents was slowly unraveling …

Those were 2 villas with private jetties on the sea, orchard, and infinity pools … BUT there weren’t registered in the Land Registry

And it was shocking to realize that these villas worth several million were actually garbage…

There were two ways out of this situation:

Either strictly within 1 month we sue the developer due to the 10-year limitation period for this acquisition which would had been expired through one month. Either we opt to lead peaceful negotiations

We should act quickly and made a rapid and critical decision.

The tension grew every day…

And so … at the time of making the decision, a new government program was announced. It was an amnesty for illegally built real estate’s units.

You have no idea how my partner and were relieved at that moment

Thus, we were able to take in work a legalization of two large villas.

We had to complete three most important stages for receiving Title Deed for the owner:


1st stage:

⁃ Submission of the initial application

⁃ Paying the fee and waiting for receiving a property registration certificate

2nd stage:

Inviting architects and cartographers to recreate the project’s site. By the way, It is usually supposed to go the other direction. Firstly, a project’s site is created on maps, and then it does with its development. In our situation, everything is upside down

3rd stage:

A submission of documents to local registration for obtaining Title Deed

But everything turned out not that way as it was described in words … we had to depart for a certain time …

And where our team had to go and whether we were able to complete all three stages of preparing documents, you will find out in the final part of our story.

Well, a real action. At the time, this situation was the reason of appearing gray hair of every participant taking part in it.