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It’s is truly wonderful to have an opportunity at any time to enjoy a gorgeous view and to breathe fresh sea air!



There’re some hidden nuances. Therefore, we want to share with you this valuable and significant information.


These recommendations certainly will be necessary for you. What should you pay attention to when you purchase properties from a developer in another country?


1-            Make sure if the developer has previously built objects, and in what quantity, if it is at a similar or close segment. So, you can be sure that he is an experimented developer and the company has the ability to finish the project.


2-            Pay attention to what stage the project which you’re considering is now. In case if it’s the initial stage of construction, what documents are available to you at the moment? For example, whether there is a license for the construction of a project, and whether there are initial certificates for each of the registered properties (İrtifak Tapusu). In case if there’re none, you should find out how your rights of purchasing properties will be registered.


ToInvest Turkey is an accredited company that has an official license and guarantees full legal support and a safe deal for our customers.

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