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Living in Turkey in your own house or apartment, sooner or later you will understand that you cannot do without a car. But what are the features of driving in Turkey?

First, let’s talk about the rules of the road.

In Turkey, driving on the right.

Basic traffic rules relate to speed limits: in the city- 50 km / h; on country roads – 110 km / h; on highways – 130 km / h.

Drivers and passengers are required to wear a seat belt. Also, the car must have a first aid kit and a reflective triangle, the absence of these attributes threatens with a fine.

In Turkey, the presence in the driver’s blood of no more than 0.5 ppm of alcohol is allowed, but since the slightest excess of these figures is fraught with serious consequences.

As for the drivers in Turkey, it is worth highlighting a few facts:

Local drivers are prone to harsh driving and completely unexpected actions. Turning without warning signs, sudden braking, driving through prohibitive traffic lights, etc. So foreign drivers should be careful.

Foreign drivers should refrain from driving at night until they get used to local traffic. The fact is that Turks rarely turn on their headlights even at night and can stop a car right in the middle of the road without identification marks.

Passion for “undercutting” is also considered a prominent feature of local drivers. Drivers of old cars are especially guilty of such violations. During movement, they often rearrange from one extreme row to another, the maneuver is not accompanied by any additional signals.

Therefore, be extremely careful and prudent on Turkish roads. And you will get real pleasure from rest and living in Turkey!

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