How Are The Winter Days Celabrated In Turkey

A little earlier, we already said that Turkey is not an exclusively summer destination. Many people go on vacation to Turkey in winter- to relax in excellent conditions, breathe in the fresh sea air and catch salt spray, bask in the spa, do sport and go on excursions without crowds of tourists.

What can you do in the winter in Turkey? We have prepared several options for completely different vacations. From “lazy” to active.


In Pamukkale, nature has created a strange and mesmerizing landscape. Here is one of the unique natural springs that arose in ancient times from a crack during a strong earthquake. The action of the source containing oxidominerals led to the creation of unique salt terraces and travertine baths with red, green and white hues.

There are springs here, the temperature in which ranges from 36 to 100 ° С. Many hotels in Pamukkale still have their own water and mud springs, so you can take mineral baths all year round.


In winter, people come to the ancient city to do shopping , because chic sales begin. They take place from mid-January to March. And, of course, it is worth visiting the sights and taking a walk in the winter city.

Ski resorts

Tourists willingly come to the winter resorts of Uludag, Palandoken and Erciyes. The most popular is Uludag. Most of the tracks are designed for non-professionals, so there are many families with children. Almost every hotel has its own lift, and a ski pass is usually included in the price.

Visit holidays and festivals

The ancient town of Konya hosts a festival of the religious dance of dervishes. The whirling monks in dresses are an unusual sight! Also in Izmir there is Sirince village, where wine is made from all fruits and berries. There you will find pomegranate, blackberry and cherry wines. Near Ephesus there is the house of the Virgin Mary and the tomb of John the Theologian, about which not even all the guides know.

You might think that in winter it is boring in Turkey, but it is not. There are always activities! You can get the most out of your vacation in Turkey, depending on the season!