Istanbul Districts “Kadikoy”

Kadikoy is one of the most popular and colorful districts of Istanbul.
The lively atmosphere of city life, historical buildings, good transportation net, vivid markets, numerous young & student population, cultural events & arts, shopping center ,cafes&restaurants by the seaside, lively nightlife, and cozy residential suburbs like beautiful vintage sea-front Moda all can be experienced here.

In Kadikoy, you may witness and enjoy the life of Istanbul locals.
Kadikoy’s rich history counts centuries and is evidenced by such landmarks as Osman Aga Mosque built in the 17th century, Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church which dates back to 1690 years, Bahariye Street known as “the Istiklal Street of Istanbul’s Asian side,  Sureyya Opera House which was restored to its original in 2007, the  Bull Statue which was initially produced in Paris and presented to a local community in 1917 by a German Emperor,  Haydar Paşa Railway Station and Pier – one of the popular landmarks of Kadikoy. People visiting Kadikoy by ferries first meet this glorious building.

Green and neat Fenerbahce Kalamis Parks and settled Feneryolu, Bagdat Avenue stretching for 14 km from Bostanci to Goztepe with boutiques, cafes, pubs, good public schools, and residing aristocracy are among the best places for living and visiting in Istanbul.
Transportation means are excellently extended to Kadıkoy:
Marmaray (train connecting two parts of Istanbul with tunnel passage under the Bosphorus Strait), Metrobus line, Avrasya motorway ( automobile road under the Bosphorus), a metro line, numerous water transport routes in the form of sea buses and ferries – all of the infrastructure is available. We highly recommend you visit these marvelous neighborhoods of genuine Istanbul.