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Note: even if you cannot travel to Turkey , being a POA holder, InvestTurkey can lead all the investment process from A to Z on your behalf

At the outset of all, Sales Agreement is one of the most vital phases of an immovable purchase. It is an important guarantee of the investment fixating all the payments amounts and dates, oblgations of the Parties and conditions for Construction evolving and delivery,Title registration, Certificate of Occupancy acquiring.

More than that, prior to agreeing with any Developer Company, Invest Turkey arranges preliminary Due Diligence check of the entity. In this context all of the portfolios offered to you are secure, reliable and promise to be a sound investment.

Also, feel free to enquire our Lawyers about your Sales Agreement notarization (which is not mandatory).

You can comfortably obtain a Turkish Tax Number by visiting a Tax Office in Turkey accompanied by your InvestTurkey consultant having your passport with its notarized translation and a valid address in Turkey. Available both offline and online.

In order to open a bank account in Turkey you should have the original of your passport and its notarized translation, a tax number, an electricity or water bill (or a bill of alternative supplier) issued under your name and address in the country of your residence, a Turkish mobile number.Note: banks may impose restrictions on USD and EURO accounts on citizens of certain countries.

It is an official document stating your Ownership rights which is officially provided by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre of Turkish Republic ultimately securing your investment.

InvestTurkey lawyers are assisting with the confident delivery of the Title Deed or Deeds of yours.

Nontheless, you are free to make a direct application to the Land Registry and in such a case your dialogues are governored by a sworn translator assigned; whichever way you prefer, InvestTurkey is ready to guide and support you equally.

Your passport translation notarization, assignig your proxies and miscellaneous issues you may need will require the visit to the Public Notary in Turkey or in the Turkish Diplomatic Missions in your country.

A meticulous process of its preparing is guaranteed by InvestTurkey to exclude the smallest mistake in the whole chain of its arrangement.

You can pre-book your appointment with the Notary in the Turkish Consulate in your country or in Turkey, with that a sworn translator will be assigned to you to render the contents of the document/authorization you are about to sign, the rest to be done is to send a signed and stamped POA to us. It is advised to cautiously check the rights you assign, alternatively and for your security, you can restrict the time of its validity by adding an expiration day after which it will be automatically cancelled and no Termination Letter will be needed.

The process starts with an appointment at Immigration Authority of Governorship of Istanbul. It should be by all means followed by an Advocate who will advise on the full list of the required documents. Observance of fast and efficient steps initially permits obtaining a temporary Turkish ID (pre-approval) in approximately 4-week time. As next, it will take you and your family about 3 months to be granted a Citizenship right of Turkish Republic.

There are several types of it, each depending on the reason of residing in a country. A short-term,a family,a student and a long-term ones are among the most frequently applied for. Our Lawyers can securely assist on obtaining an appropriate Permit corresponding the aim of your stay. Please note that a Turkish Title Deed does give the right for such Permit and a 250 000 USD-worth Title Deed automatically makes you a Citizen with the 100% of rights endlessly.

In this context, as a process starts with the registration in the Chamber of Commerce and  accountant hiring and continues with the notarization of Company Articles of Association and on , we establish your Company with you or on behalf of you exactly in the area of activity and on the conditions you aim as a smooth procedure thanks to our relations with expert solution partners.  

Turkish Inheritance Law regulates the inheritance particularly for immovable assets that belong to a foreign national late person.

Legal heirs of the deceased should be determined with a Certificate of Inheritance that is to be gained as a result of probate action.

The Court would asks the civil registry records such as birth certificates records to be presented. As a next step, the heirs regulate their relations with the Tax Office to obtain the Tax Clearance Letter which should also be submitted to the land registry office.

Legal successors will then apply to land registry office to register their shares under their names.

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