Life in Izmir

Izmir is a modern and fast-growing city known for its European lifestyle and the Mediterranean climate and atmosphere.

According to statistics, the population of Izmir is over 4 million people. It is constantly growing due to incoming migration arriving in the region.

Permanent migration to Izmir is also facilitated by a pleasant climate and nature:

the beuatifun and blue Aegean coast

The affordable prices when compared to other metropolitan Turkish cities Istanbul or Ankara and costal cities Bodrum…

Also the economic growth and the large infrastructure and investment project brought to the city by the Turkish government and also foreign investors and companies.

Real estate prices for sale are constantly increasing in Izmir. Last year the property prices grew by 34.88%. This rise in prices is noticeable in such areas as Aliaga, Bayindyr, Bergama, Bornova, and Chesme.

In addition, Izmir is remarkable for the large number of resorts located nearby and attracting both local and foreign tourists. Such are especially located in the regions of Chesme, Guzelbahce, Urla, Alacati, Seferihisar, Aliaga and Focha. Their popularity is increasing from year to year, especially due to the pandemic, prices for real estate with private yards or gardens have increased significantly here and show a stable growth trend along with constant demand.

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