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Questions & Answers​

For reserving the property that we choose together, you just need to fill in the Reservation form and send with a deposit amounting 3.000$ or so. The process of buying your apartment will start upon the payment of the deposit.

Then you have ten days to turn your apartment into sales right away.

If you do not like the property after seeing it, you will be entitled to replace your choice with another one in the same project in question. If you would not prefer the project in question, we gladly will offer you other projects.

The deposit you will pay for booking will be safe. This amount will be set off from your down payment.

The sales contract is drawn up exclusively by each construction company. Before the sales contract is delivered to you, it is forwarded first to us and then to our lawyer. After processing the necessary arrangements and additional requests, it is put into effect by signing mutually. At these stages, our lawyers will be accompanying you.

The POA is a life saver if it is prepared accurately by a professional lawyer. You may have this transaction legalized by the Consulates or Embassies of the Republic of Turkey in the country you are present through Turkish translators just like by Notaries. The entire processes of opening a bank account, registering your Title Deed by the Land Registry and Cadastre Offices on behalf of you, conducting the transactions at the tax offices, submitting your applications for citizenship  – will be safely and legally managed by our colleagues and our lawyer by means of a Power of Attorney extended by you.

Currently, there are only a few Appraisal Firms that are licensed by the Board of Capital Markets which can issue an Official Appraisal Report in Istanbul. You will receive your report before your Title Deed transfer takes place and after you have completed all the payment processes.

Due to the current COVID 19 period, General Directorates of Land Registry and Cadastres of Republic of Turkey safely execute all transactions online

Your property will be automatically released by the Deed Office after the completion of 3 years term. If you wish to sell the property at the end of this period, you can sell with the value increase and profit on that date individually or you can get assistance and support from our sales office.

Yes, first of all, the property will enable you to obtain citizenship. On the other hand, it is an investment and the value of the property you buy will increase in future. You may also raise a rental income if you wish so!

Let us know your itinerary after booking your flight tickets as soon as possible. We will meet you on the date and time of your arrival at the airport. After your rest, we will present you the project, the site and your property which you wish to buy. Then we can discuss other procedures.

One of the services of InvestTurkey is remote viewing tour on the pre-booked basis. It permits you see the options with their locations and features, model & building plans, apartment plans, balconies, kitchens, bathrooms (if ready) etc via online broadcasting from a sales office which we arrange for you. Please do get in touch for this service, it is getting more and more popular nowadays. 

Firstly, we will support you in applying for a Tax Number then again you will get support of our authorities in opening an account in Turkish banks. In order for you to open your bank account, you need to have two paid utility bills from your country, passports and translations thereof and a tax number.

Yes, your money will be safe in your account opened in a bank in Turkey and moreover you will receive an interest on your money like all Turkish Citizens.

Republic of Turkey supports the foreign investors when they purchase their first property and if they do not have a residence permit here. You can receive your exemption certificate with a simple procedure to be supported by us.

No, it is not. The power of attorney you are going to give will be read to you by certified translators. In this transaction, you authorize your attorney only for receiving a right of ownership for you on your behalf at the Title Deed office, not the authority to sell or use your property.

If you are here with us in person, we are also ready to counsel you. If you send us an accurate Power of Attorney, then we will follow up all the process on behalf of you.

Some of the developers wish to finance other projects of their own. They use their valuable commercial properties for this. Instead of borrowing a loan from the banks, they generate such mathematical systems. In general, a BuyBack contract means that the Developer will repurchase your unit after a certain agreed term with the definite profit percentage.

Regardless if the property in question is Commercial or Residential, the Developers may choose to occupy some of the properties instead of leaving them vacant. A Rental Guarante Agreement means that you will have a stable annuity for the mentioned period and will  not have any concern about your own property: i.e. no need to care about Maintenance Fee or any other bills since the Tenant would pay them all. You will just be enjoying your Turkish Passport and your income.

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