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If you are here that means you already have purchased a real estate property in Turkey…Selling investment property in Turkey is an important process for a successful investment. This is oftentimes the first step towards expanding your real estate investment business and portfolio, and an opportunity to evaluate the opportunities of the current investment in Istanbul’s real estate market.

Here we will share some tips and steps needed to market and sell your property in the most efficient and profitable way, for the highest long-term and short-term return possible based on our long experience and knowledge in the Turkish real estate market.

Istanbul’s real estate market is a good place to make benefits from natural as well as the forced appreciation of the real estate investment, in condition to learn how to do a comparative market analysis to choose the right price tag for your property! Pricing real estate has more to do with comparison than how you perceive it. If for nothing else, it is what buyers will be using to justify the price, so you should be ready with your analyses and comparatives, too.

Marketing is the process of generating exposure, so, the more people are aware you are selling an investment property, the better and faster the feedback will be. A Professional Turkish real estate agent will do everything he or she can to ensure more eyes on your property…because they have the necessary knowledge on the other listed properties, and they also know the ideal way to attract serious buyers interested in finalizing the selling process.

You must be open to negotiations and listen to offers, but this does not mean necessarily that you must jump on the first one you hear unless it’s exactly the offer you were looking for. In today’s competitive market, there is bound to be competition, and sellers can very easily use interest in their property to their advantage to get the best offer as soon as possible.

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