Taxes Related to Buying Properties in Turkey

When you buy property in Turkey, you will be subject to transaction taxes such as “Title Deed Fee”, “Value Added Tax”, “Stamp Duty,” and “Notary Charges”.

Additionally, holding property in Turkey automatically makes you subject to “Property tax” which is 0,2% for residential properties and 0,4% for commercials. For example, if you own an apartment within the jurisdiction of a metropolitan municipality with a cadastral worth 500 000 TL, you are subject to pay 1000 TL tax annually in two installments – in May and October.
A property with a similar value located in a rural area is charged only 0,1%/year.

On the other hand, if you are deriving any rental income from the property such as rental income or if you decide to sell your property, you will be subject to “Income tax”. Each of these taxes has specific rules regarding calculation, payment, and declaration, as well as certain exemptions.