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Turkish Citizenship​

Turkish Citizenship

toInvestTurkey is an expert guide in the Citizenship obtaining for foreigners with experienced lawyers responsible for this procedure.

The property purchase is the most significant and speedy instrument for this. The logical and successive chain is as follows: acquire one or more properties worth a minimum of 400.000 USD; have a valuation report from a relevant authority to prove that the real value of these properties is the price you bought them at; prove that you have deposited the purchasing price in the official accounts of the construction company from which you bought them with the stamped bank receipts, acquire the title deed free of all incumbrances and having a restriction put on its resale for at least three years. Further, you need to have the identity cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates of yourself and your family members translated and apostilled by Turkish Embassies or Consulates.  

As long as you grant the power of attorney, you do not need to be in Turkey in person only for one time when you need to take fingerprints, we can discuss most appropriate time for you individually.

When you have completed the booking process, you will get the appraisal report just before the transaction of the Title Deed. You will feel more comfortable getting your property safely after reviewing the relevant Appraisal Reports to see that it is in the actual value.

As soon as you receive your title deed(s), you can proceed with your application. The process will be initiated by our lawyers upon the completion of the documents required.

You, your spouse and your children under 18 years of age will be eligible for citizenship.

After your Title Deed is registered under your name, you need 1 week for preparing all the documents and the application. First, you are assigned a temporary ID, then you can obtain your passport issued by the Immigration Administration in Ankara or the Turkish Embassy in your own country within 3 to 6 months.

You must have your passports with you. Documents like the photos of you and your family members, one or more electricity and water bill of your home in your country will be sufficient. Later on you will need marriage and birth certificates of the members of your family for your Citizenship approval.

The Turkish side does not distribute data on citizenship. Further, you can act in accordance with the legislation of your country. Residing in Turkish Republic is also not mandatory.

No, you won’t be. Turkish language is not sought from candidates for Citizenship through property investment.

Well, if we accompany you accurately in following up all the processes, YES, you can be sure. Buying a property worth $ 400.000, proving that the money is directly deposited/transferred into the Developer’s account, proving that the property is worth $ 400.000 will be enough. The rest will be managed by toInvestTurkey lawyers in a certain succession in the short possible time. 

NOTE: Since the citizenship decision is in the hands of the administration, it is possible that the application will not be accepted for some reasons. For example, if a person has been involved in a serious crime in his own country or if there is a negative intelligence record about him, the state may not grant citizenship.

You will have all the social rights exercised by a Turkish citizen: You will be entitled to benefit from education and social opportunities like health ones, for example, to work and even start your business, obtain all kinds of visas.

Yes, the total value of one or more properties should be $ 400.000. The appraisal value of the apartment you have purchased priorly (should be purchased not earlier than 18.09.2018) is deducted from this amount and you should buy a property to complete it to $ 400.000; then you are eligible for applying for citizenship.

Yes! A deposit amounting 500.000$ into banks designated by the state will also entitle you to acquire Turkish Citizenship. You will not be allowed to draw this amount from the Bank for 3 years, however you may benefit from the interest of the money you deposited.

You are free to decide whether to purchase one or several properties and acquire citizenship, in any case the property(ies) should meet necessary criteria.

Since the introduction of amendements in January 2023, this is not anymore possible. One property , is suitable for a file citizenship. However, the case when two or more inexpensive properties are purchased for one file citizenship is possible. Please enquire all the details.

Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing Properties

The foreigners, who are determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to have purchased a real estate worth at least USD 400.000,00 may exceptionally acquire Turkish citizenship provided that the immovables can not to be sold for three years which implies an incumbrance on its Title Deed.

The foreigners are prescribed to purchase one or more properties worth 400.000,00 USD or above. Thereafter the foreigners should register the transfer of title at Directorate of Land Registry for related property/properties. As the evidence of the stated amount, an appraisal report complying with the valuation standard and presenting its marketing value should be issued by an Appraisal Company accredited by Stock Exchange Commission and holding a valid license.

Moreover, an annotation stating that the property may not be sold for three years would be affixed to the Title Deed at the time of transferring the title under a foreigner’s name.

Briefly: For acquiring Turkish citizenship exceptionally, the following should be fulfilled:

1- Purchasing a property or properties in a total amount of 400.000,00 USD that is approved by an appraiser accredited by the Stock Exchange Commission and who holds a valid license. (SPK in Turkish language)

2- The incumbrance stipulating that it cannot be sold for three (3) years at Directorate of Land Registry applied while purchasing the real estate.

3- Making an appointment with the Immigration Authority of Istanbul Governorate by filling in an application form. Appointments are usually granted one month after the application. Most of the required documents shall be prepared with the special power of attorney. Costs for residence permit depend on the country of origin of the Applicant. But are not abundant.

Additionally, an entrance fee amounting 1033 TL is charged for the citizens of some countries. The power of attorney executed by a Turkish Notary will cost around 2500-3500 TL including costs of translation of the passport, verbal interpreting by certified translator in case buyer doesn’t understand Turkish. This cost varies on notaries, translators and the number of persons granting such powers.

4- Filing application to Istanbul Directorate of Civil Registration for becoming a Turkish citizen with a residence permit. Such application can be done in the name of the buyer and his/her family based on the power of attorney, but sometimes Istanbul Directorate of Civil Registration demands to see the applicants personally. 100 TL service fee shall be paid to İstanbul Directorate of Civil Registration.

5-All of the processes given above may last around for 4 to 8 weeks. Consequently, when all the files are completed, Istanbul Directorate of Civil Registration will send the citizenship application file to the General Directorate in Ankara and it might take around 4-5  months or so for the citizenship to be granted.

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