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Summer is a perfect season for a reboot. It’s an opportunity to rest physically and mentally before conquering new peaks.

Turkey attracts with its wonderful climate, may types of entertainments and, of course, magnificent landscapes! As a resident, I can talk about the versatility of this country for a very long time. But let’s talk a little about other stuff .

We all want to rest with pleasure and comfort.

The next question is:

How to find an accommodation?

Then an option comes to mind: to rent an apartment or a villa on the coast.

And today we shall with you advantages of such a rent.
1- You can stay longer in a vacation home: weeks, months, etc.

2- A weekly rent for a large number of people will cost you several times cheaper than the cost of a hotel.

3- Make up an individual menu.
Of course, there are also disadvantages during a vacation: you don’t want to cook and clean. So we recommend you to choose rental options with onsite services available : a restaurant and a catering service, housekeeping, organizing transfers, cars, etc.

4-  A possibility of equipping a vacation home as per your needs: children’s pools, hammocks, swings and other entertainment.

5-  A possibility to get acquainted with the area. Renting will be very profitable and convenient for you if you are thinking about purchasing a real state, but you need to find out more information about the region. So, for example, you can check out local products, rent a car or use services of local establishments.

Also, there are pluses in a vacation rent for landlords too Investing in such real estate options is an opportunity to get excellent income The shorter the rental period is , the higher the cost per day is.

If you have any questions about rent options, I will be happy to help
We are waiting for you in the summer of 2021 at the best resorts in Turkey!

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