What Are The Prerequisites For Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate Investment In 2022?

Every year, the number of foreign investors in Turkey grows. The Turkish government imposes many laws and restrictions on international investment. The investment restrictions necessary to qualify for Citizenship changed in this circumstance. It is either dropping or rising. We have consolidated the prerequisites for 2022 in this blog article for your convenience. We hope that the information we give answers all queries. Above all, we must stress that none of the information we offer constitutes investment advice. It is purely for informative purposes.

Update on the new lower amount: The monetary amounts available for Turkish Citizenship through investment decreased. Some legislation governing foreigners’ transfer to Turkish Citizenship has been altered by decision # 106, published in the official gazette. The fixed capital amount is decreased from $2 million to $500,000. Real estate ownership limits was reduced from $1 million to $250 thousand USD.

Where Can I Get a Turkish Visa and Permanent residency?

Non-Turkish individuals can apply for Turkish Citizenship and passports in person at the Ministry of Interior’s Directorate General of Migration Management, which has 250 office places around Turkey. With the publication of the foreign person’s name in the Turkish Official Gazette, it will be assumed that Turkish Citizenship has been conferred and finalized.

Foreigner applications for Turkish National ID and replacement Turkish Drivers License are submitted online by appointment only to the Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Population and Citizenship at 850 office locations across Turkey.

The old investment amounts for Turkish Citizenship in Turkey have changed.

The decision, signed by the Turkish Republic President, amends the 20th item of the regulation governing the execution of the Turkish citizenship legislation and governing the acquisition of outstanding Turkish Citizenship by all foreigners.

Turkish Citizenship based on fixed capital in Turkey

The fixed capital amount required to qualify for Turkish Citizenship has been lowered from $ 2 million to $ 500,000 under the new legislation.

Turkish Citizenship can be obtained through property investment in Turkey.

Furthermore, the minimum investment requirement in Turkey for foreigners to transfer real estate ownership in Turkey has been lowered from $ 1 million to $ 250 thousand.

Turkish Citizenship is obtained through job creation in Turkey.

Furthermore, the expression of Turkey employment for at least 100 persons included in terms of citizenship eligibility has been decreased to 50 people.

Turkish Citizenship is obtained with a deposit account in Turkey.

The total deposit amount can be held in Turkish banks in Turkey has been decreased from $ 3 million to $ 500,000.

Turkish citizenship requirements for 2019-2020, including property ownership and investing

First of all of these requirements also includes: “Turkish passports are granted within three months.”

According to the Turkish Official Gazette, the following revised versions of the second paragraph of Article 20 of associated regulations have been published:

Citizenship in Turkey through a fixed capital investment

Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology requires a minimum fixed capital investment of $500,000.

For three years, a real estate investment fund can provide Turkish Citizenship.

In Turkey, real estate investment funds must have a participation share of at least US $500,000 or equivalent in Turkish Lira. And the venture capital investment funds must have a participation share of at least US $500,000 or equal in business for at least three years. Authorities provided these pieces of information for the capital purchased in the Turkey Capital Markets Board.”

Citizenship through real estate investment in industrial and technological hubs

To have purchased real estate worth at least $500,000 US dollars, comparable foreign currency, or equivalent Turkish lira fixed capital investment, as defined by Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Regulations related to the three-year bank deposit for Turkish Citizenship

As The Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agencies explain, we need to have deposited at least $500,000 in Turkish banks. The requirement to refrain from withdrawing for at least three years or equivalent in exchange or equivalent in Turkish Lira. Turkish passports have been issued within the previous three months.

Regulations related to the three years of government bonds for Turkish Citizenship

According to the information provided, the Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance has determined to USD $500,000 valued properties in Republic of Turkey government bonds with the condition that properties cannot be sold for at least three years, or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent Turkish Lira in the state debt instruments purchased.

Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment in tourist destinations

According to Article 8/e of the Turkish Law for the Encouragement of Tourist No. 2634, foreign actual and legal persons who wish to invest in tourism in Turkey can buy real estate (by resolution of the Turkish Council of Ministers) in tourism regions and centers. In comparison, being exempt from the reciprocity principle and the limits specified for foreigners.

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