What Does “Aidat” Mean?

Buying a property in one of the residential complexes in Turkey, we come across people the term “aidat”. What is it and what is it for?

“Aidat” is a monthly fee for the maintenance of the compound, which all tenants are obliged to pay, regardless of whether they live in their apartment all year round or come only a couple of times a year. To be more precise, the fee is for the use of all the amenities that are on the territory: a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, a Turkish hammam.

What is included in the Aidat?

– Concierge or caretaker services

– Security

– Gardener’s job

– Cleaning of entrances and territory

– Garbage removal

– The lighting of the territory

– Elevator service

– Salary for the personnel involved in the maintenance of the complex

In fact, the rule is that the more extensive the infrastructure of the complex is, the larger its territory is, the higher is the aidat.

How is the aidat calculated, and what happens if it is not paid?

All of the above items of expenditure are added up, resulting in an amount that is then divided by the number of apartments in the complex but according to their share in the whole compound(lands shares are written in your Title Deed) The final figure will be the aidat.
If the owner does not pay this fee for several months, the management company has the right to hire a lawyer and take the defaulter to court.

“Aidat” is an important payment required to keep the complex in excellent condition.

If your property is leased out, the maintenance fee (aidat) becomes a monthly responsibility of the tenant. A good property management service is important for your investment to become your profit.