What Properties To Invest In?

I often hear a question from my clients on how to decide whether it is better to buy single premium class property or multiple cheaper ones.
We are going to answer those who are questioning this.

1️- Which factors are taken into consideration?

• an area of ​​a property
• a location

These 2 factors affect the price of a property majorly.

For a relatively same (let’s say, amount for a citizenship acquisition) one can purchase a “premium” class real estate (a smaller space in m2, but a location is in a business center or by the sea) or about 3 multiple cheaper ones (bigger m2 in space but farther from the center/sea)

2️- What is the purpose of your investment?

• If you are interested in a gradual exit from investing, a multiple cheaper option will be better for you then a “premium” class one selling longer.

• If you’re looking for renting a property out, both options will be more or less similar to each other. To be honest, we can’t say an income from them will be equal. BUT! If you purchase 3 multiple cheaper properties, be prepared for a greater volume of paperwork (3 lease agreements, 3 tenants, 3 Title Deeds, etc.) than dealing with the same of a single “premium” class one.

3️- Are you planning to live in Istanbul?

If your answer is yes, it will be more profitable to choose 3 multiple cheaper real estates than a “premium” class one. For example, you will live in one and rent out two, and receive passive income from them.

Also pay attention to the capital appreciation numbers of different economical periods. They can be the reason of changing a rental income and a reselling price of properties!

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